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Canadian Solar to sell in Italy and Czech Republic

Jeremy Leggett – a very wise chap – was quoted in the Times saying that if, as the Russians ‘predict’ (or encourage), the price of oil shoots up to $250 a barrel, solar energy will become a much more viable option.

“It’s now inevitable, and I used the word advisedly, that solar electricity is going to be cheaper than electricity from gas and coal,” he said. “It’s straight manufacturing economies of scale, while we all know what is happening to oil and gas.”

Cost has so far been a drawback to solar, but if the price of oil keeps rising as fast as it is, how true Jeremy’s words could soon be.

As such, this caught Greenbang’s eye today.

“Canadian Solar has signed five new sales agreements in Italy and the Czech Republic in the past three weeks. The customers covered under these agreements are WSW in the Czech Republic, and Arco Energy, AC Service, Ravano Green Power and Albatec of Italy.
The total volume of shipments for 2008 for the above mentioned new agreements totals 14.9 MW and reflects sales of CSI’s regular module products. The sales will be realized in the second half of 2008 and are in addition to existing shipments to customers in Germany, Spain, USA, Korea and China.”

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