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“Canada is least at risk country”

globalThe corporate consultants Maplecroft has just released its risk report on climate change.  The report looks at 168 countries and includes the first ever (or so the company says) vulnerability index with a set of best to worst rankings.

As the release states:

It identifies the world’s highest carbon dioxide (CO2) emitters as well as those countries most and least vulnerable to climate change. The report finds many of the world’s biggest CO2 emitters are also the countries least vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Despite being the biggest emitter, the United States is the 12th least vulnerable to climate change. And Canada is “the best haven from climate change”. At the same time about 75% of the 20 nations most vulnerable to climate change are found in Africa, the continent with the lowest CO2 emissions.

An example scorecard for Egypt can be found here.  Greenbang hasn’t yet seen the data for China or India but she doubts these countries can stand up to their growing emissions.

More from the release:

The report incorporates an innovative new approach to measuring climate change risks and …
— Is an ideal tool to help government and company decision-makers ensure climate change vulnerability is included in planning and strategy as well as to assist in mitigating the impacts of climate change.
— Includes detailed country scorecards and analysis of climate change vulnerability and risks in 168 countries.
— Includes GIS maps of climate change vulnerability at a sub-national level – providing insight into high risk cities, towns or regions as well as the impact of climate change on business operations and value chains.

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  • Jobs Tips Blogger
    Posted July 24, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    So this explains why we are not having effects due to extreme vulnerability here in our country. While people are busy with the world crisis, the land is getting more and more prone to destruction due to climate change.

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“Canada is least at risk country” – The Global View

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