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Cadbury puts Easter egg packaging on a diet

easter.jpgHave you been walking around the supermarkets, secretly cursing the arrival of Easter eggs ever earlier on their shelves, but not wanting to admit it, in case it’s a sign on early onset curmudgeon-ness or old age? Greenbang has.

Still, Greenbang was slightly cheered to hear Cadbury is doing away with all the fluff and nonsense associated with the festival of Jesus’ death, and making a packaging free egg.

The eggs are called Treasure Eggs and will just be foil wrapped, rather than cased in a plastic sarcophagus, and “represent a reduction of over 75% plastic and 65% less cardboard than previously used in standard eggs” according to the chocolate firm.

Other eggs will find their packaging on a diet too. “This Easter, the amount of plastic used will be reduced by 247 tonnes and cardboard by 115 tonnes, saving over 2,000 trees as a result. In total, as a result of the combination of launching the un-boxed Treasure eggs to avoid excessive packaging and reducing packaging on the standard eggs, Cadbury will save 1130 tonnes of packaging this Easter,” says Cadbury.

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