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Buyers say “Truck off” to hybrid prices


A fact that will astound no one but the Sultan of Brunei and Paris Hilton: some people out there are finding the prices of hybrid vehicles a little on the steep side.

But it’s not hybrid cars makers getting a finger wagging from soccer moms down on the housekeeping – it’s hybrid trucks manufacturers.

Apparently, with a soupcon of government subsidy and a pinch of price drop, Europe’s truckers could be persuaded to drop their petrol guzzlers like a used tissue and go hybrid.

Reuters talks to the runners and riders here.

From the article:

“Added weight from a second powertrain can limit a trucker’s haul – increasing per ton transport costs – and with most hybrid models still at the development and field-testing stage, prices are set to stay high until there’s enough of a demand to warrant industrial-scale production.”

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