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Budget comment 2- Arup

Please find below comment on the Budget from Arup, the global design,
> engineering and business consulting firm. If you have any queries or
> would like to speak to Arup’s Chairman Terry Hill, please do give me a call

Climate change
> Overall, the measures introduced by the Chancellor aren’t going to
> have a huge environmental impact. We would like to see real commitment
> to reducing the Three C’s: Congestion, Cost-to-Business and Carbon
> Emissions. The lack of any mention on increasing public transport use
> was disappointing and there was no indication on how the Government
> intend to get people out of cars and into public transport or other
> methods, for example by investing in High Speed Rail.
> We welcome next year’s Carbon Budget and while  the carbon emissions
> target of 60% – which may rise to 80% if the Climate Committee’s
> recommendations are accepted – would be an admirable target, the
> budget does not include any realistic steps for achieving this,
> particularly in the transport sector, which accounts for almost a
> quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions.
> Arup supports the extension of targets on zero carbon into new non
> domestic buildings yet real steps need to be taken to ensure the
> associated local infrastructure is appropriate, including transport
> links.
> The Government’s move toward influencing behavioural change through
> the levy of a charge on plastic bags, is admirable.. While this may
> not make a significant difference to landfill, it is moving people’s
> behaviour towards a less wasteful society, by encouraging everyone to
> be aware of their everyday impact on the environment.
> Education and skills shortages
> We welcome the Government’s commitment to improving education in
> science, an area in which Britain has historically led the world. Yet
> to truly inspire our children we need further investment to increase
> R&D and innovation in the UK.