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Brown pushes button for nuclear power

1019241_energy_3d_6.jpgThis has been coming for a while – reported in the Guardian this morning:

“Britain must build “at least” eight new nuclear power stations during the next 15 years to replace its ageing plants and contribute to a “post-oil economy” that is cleaner and much more efficient than in the era of “cheap energy and careless pollution”, Gordon Brown signalled last night. The first new reactors could feed electricity into the national grid by 2017.”

Question is (aside from the debate on nuclear danger), can the UK build these fast enough before the old power stations are redundant? It can take around ten years to make a nuclear power stations, Greenbang heard the other day.

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  • Peter
    Posted July 14, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    Another question is whether we yet have any numbers, and/or answers on the cost of decommissioning these things when they run out of steam… and where the left-over glowy stuff gets stuck all the the while. One is presuming Dear Leader’s Fife back yard are first in line to take up the offer of having it all ūüôā Remember Space 1999!

    Also the small matter of who let through the new planning rules to take this kind of thing out of public consultation (I’ve yet to hear from my MP on how he voted) as people having a say just makes life tricky for those with agendas to push and targets to meet.

    Democracy inaction!

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