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Brown begs EU to cut taxes on green goods

europe-flag.jpgIs Brown the new green? Aside from his nominal green efforts on this week’s budget, PM Gordon Brown, texture like sun, has promised to have a good old chat with the EU Council and put on his very best thumbscrews to get them to lower taxes on green products.

“I have submitted a proposal.. that we look at how we can give new incentives for people to use environmentally-friendly products and processes. There is a debate about how we price products that are making advances in being environmentally-friendly with low carbon emissions. There are many items that are on sale at the moment that if the VAT rate were reduced could encourage the environmentally-friendly product and the environmentally-friendly process.”

And just what are these products and processes? They include, but aren’t restricted to light bulbs, household materials and fridges.

Apparently, says our Gord, the EU is leading the world on carbon capture, clean coal and changes in people’s behaviour to the good of the environment. If Europe had a national anthem, Greenbang would be humming it and saluting. If anyone fancies submitting suggestions for that anthem, you’re very welcome. Greenbang’s money’s on anything by the Venga Boys.

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