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Brown: 1,000 new nuclear sites globally

Sizewell BGreenbang is waiting with baited breath.  It’s apparently less than two weeks until the British Government publishes its plans for a 700 per cent increase in energy from renewable sources.

In the mean time, however, she’s been reading about the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown’s call to vastly increase the number of British and Global nuclear reactors.  The call for Britain to play its part in the race for 1,000 nuclear power stations has been made to end the global “addiction to oil”.  That may be, but Greenbang still cannot help but think of Blinky, the Simpsons’ three eyed fish.

As Colin Brown, the Indy’s deputy political editor put it:

“‘Not since Margaret Thatcher returned from a visit to see the French nuclear plants has a prime minister shown such enthusiasm for nuclear power.’

Meanwhile, a leading analyst with the US based National Renewable Energy Lab, sees an upcoming struggle between renewable sources of electricity.  In a talk entitled ‘Are Solar PV and Wind Incompatible with Nuclear and IGCC?‘ the analyst, Paul Denholm argues that solar and wind are incompatible with nuclear and new coal plants that use CCS.

The short report is definitely worth a read and highlights that solar supply can outstrip demand.

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