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Brits bored of eco news

478473_yawn.jpgA survey suggests that we bacon-and-egg loving Brits are tired of hearing news about green issues.

So why not let’s just stick our heads in the sand for a bit longer, read the Daily Mail and watch the Vicar of Dibley? That’d be nice, wouldn’t it.

This from the Guardian:

Many Britons are suffering from “eco-fatigue”, with more than a quarter tired of the attention green issues are receiving, according to a new survey.

An ICM report for the Ideal Home Show also found nearly a quarter of people (23%) admitted they were bored of “eco news” and nearly a fifth (18%) exaggerated their environmental behaviour because it is fashionable.

While more than half (57%) believed a difference could be made to the environment if everyone did their bit, nearly four fifths of those questioned (78%) think not everybody is making the effort.