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British Business blames Government for green failings – ‘It’s all your fault, you meanies’

kid.jpgDon’t blame it on sunshine. Don’t blame it on moonlight. Don’t blame on Greenbang. Blame it on the Government.

The blame game is the name where British businesses are concerned according to a new survey by Saga Heartbeat. The findings assure us that whereas most businesses feel it is important to be environmentally friendly, only 12 per cent think the Government is doing enough to help them.

What do they expect?

Well 79 per cent said they would like more tax benefits. That’s right. They want more money. You could knock down Greenbang with a feather. Attached to a baseball bat. Attached to a freight train.

More realistically, 55 per cent would like the Government to raise awareness of the benefits of being environmentally friendly. Which means the efforts of the Energy Saving Trust and the Environment Agency are going to waste.

Or are British businesses just looking for an excuse?

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