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Bosch, Samsung unite on hybrid batteries

road21.jpgToday’s Lady is Bosch, today’s Tramp is Samsung and the string of spaghetti drawing them together is a hybrid car battery joint venture. Greenbang thinks they’ll make a wonderful couple and is already buying her hat.

The 50-50 joint venture will bear the name of SB LiMotive and should be up and running from this September. The pair will make “develop, manufacture, and sell” lithium-ion batteries for “automotive applications”.

It’s the second time Samsung’s battery efforts have come to Greenbang’s attention: back in April, the company’s R&D folk came up with a prototype fuel cell for mobiles that ran on water.

Samsung’s already got it’s thumb in the li-ion market, making cells for makers laptops, mobile phones, and power tools. For those who need more facts, it flogged 376 million battery cells last year.