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Boeing to showcase ‘sustainable’ technology at Farnborough

Plane on moonGrowing up with a parent that worked on an old RAF airfield, Greenbang always loved air shows when young.

The Red Arrows always brought a smile to her face. Sadly, she’s no longer eight and has grown an ounce of cynicism towards them and declined the tickets to Cranfield and Farnborough for the past decade.

That said, Boeing will be demonstrating technology that the company claims “will help develop a sustainable future for the global aerospace industry.”

Now, Greenbang isn’t sure if how much of it’s true and how much is hype but it has certainly grabbed her attention.

A phone call to Charlie Miller in Boeing’s UK press office gleaned a little more information on the exhibit.  Apparently, there will be a section on second generation biofuels, the world’s first fuel cell powered plane and the company’s new flagship plane, the 787, which promises to deliver a 20 per cent improvement on fuel efficiency through engine technologies, aerodynamics and composite materials.

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