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Biz will spend $595 billion to monitor carbon efforts

957599_watchfull_eye.jpgIf popular wisdom is to be believed, bad things come in threes. So do good things: ask anyone who likes condoms, the Three Degrees and trilogies. Keeping that in mind, Greenbang is going to bring you the highlights of three reports looking into the growth of green tech.

To kick things off, a snippet from S2 Intelligence: businesses will spend $595 billion by 2010 on systems to support green accounting – you know, monitoring how much carbon they spew out in order to report it to the sort of people who like to know that sort of thing.

For mains, a tasty dish from Forrester: green IT services of the kind practiced by Accenture, Deloitte, Dell, IBM et al, will be worth $4.8 billion by 2013. Forrester reckons 6 percent were currently using a green IT service provider, 6 percent were planning to, and 18 percent were considering hiring one.

And finally, a bit of tiramisu and a coffee in the form of another green IT insight from In-Stat: with green IT all the range, LAN switches will be the next energy cutting target. And guess what? Green LANs war set to be flavour of the month, with power-over-Ethernet ports increasing tenfold by 2005.

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  • Colleen Soares
    Posted March 14, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    You say that “businesses will spend $595 billion by 2010 on systems to support green accounting” such as, monitoring how much carbon they emit. I would like more information about that, i.e. what businesses are doing this? And, where can I find more information about this?

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Biz will spend $595 billion to monitor carbon efforts – The Global View

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