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Bits and Bobs: 7 Sept. 2009

Bits PuzzleEnvironmentally “green” beer: Munich brewing engineers research energy savings

Brewing engineers from the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) are working hard to improve the energy balance of the amber beverage. They are looking into a new process combination that would allow energy savings of up to 20% during brewing.

Siemens wants to win Smart Grid orders worth over €6 billion by 2014

Siemens AG wants to receive orders worth more than €6 billion for intelligent power networks (Smart Grids) over the next five fiscal years. “A new age for power supplies is dawning with Smart Grids,” said Wolfgang Dehen, CEO of the Siemens Energy Sector. “The Smart Grid market will see increasingly dynamic growth fueled by climate change and economic stimulus programs. We want to grow twice as fast as the overall market.”

Environment Agency and Westmark top out with greenest office building in the UK

The Environment Agency’s new Bristol corporate office has achieved the highest score ever awarded by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for its environmental credentials. The development, in the centre of Bristol, achieved a score of 85.06% under BREEAM 2006, the most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings around the world. No other office building in the UK has ever achieved such a high rating under either BREEAM 2006 or BREEAM 2008, making this the “greenest” office development in the UK.

‘Quietest building in the world opens today

The University of Bristol today opens its Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information. This highly distinctive, £11 million building provides state-of-the-art specialised laboratories where vibration and acoustic noise levels are among the lowest ever achieved, despite being located in the centre of Bristol.

India emissions ‘triple by 2030’

India’s greenhouse gas emissions will more than triple over the next two decades, a report has projected. But the document, compiled by experts for the government, also says India’s per-capita emissions will be much lower than major industrialised countries.

Climate change: melting ice will trigger wave of natural disasters

Scientists at a London conference next week will warn of earthquakes, avalanches and volcanic eruptions as the atmosphere heats up and geology is altered. Even Britain could face being struck by tsunamis.

Britain heading back to the dark ages

The UK is facing a tipping point over the next few years in its ability to generate enough power to satisfy an ever-increasing demand.

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