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BioSolar announces plant-based PV success

solar-panels-uprightCalifornia-based BioSolar Inc. today announced that it’s successfully tested its pre-production, bio-based solar cell film, bringing it “one step closer to full scale commercial production.”

The company’s BioBacksheet™ is a plant-based, rather than petroleum-based, protective film covering for photovoltaic cells. By using renewable biomaterials for backsheeting, the cost for solar cells could be reduced, according to BioSolar.

The BioBacksheet™ promises another advantage as well, as they could help make solar arrays more aesthetic, the company’s executives say.

“Aside from cost and environment-friendly advantages, BioBacksheets™ can now be manufactured in various colors,” said David Lee, CEO of BioSolar. “This feature will further differentiate BioBacksheet™ from existing petroleum-based backsheets since this is not even an option for them. Photovoltaic module manufacturers often favor color adaptation to maintain aesthetic consistency for their current solar panel.”

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