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Biofuels: from corn and poo to booze and … milk

milkGreenbang’s been seeing all kinds of biofuel action lately, with plants running on everything from animal poop to confiscated booze.

Now, New Zealand is joining in on the action by converting milk into biofuel, as this post highlights (tapping into a story by the New Zealand Herald). Yes, milk.

New Zealand’s smallest oil company today launched the first commercial biofuel to hit the nation’s service station forecourts – a petrol blended with ethanol made from milk.

Gull’s Force 10 biofuel is a blend of premium petrol containing 10 per cent ethanol produced by dairy cooperative Fonterra.

Of course, a rising number of concerns are being voiced about biofuels, from their impact on food prices, to the fact that they soak up so much water in their production.

But Greenbang is left wondering what next will be converted to fuel? We’d take a stab at recommending the waste from our local curry house.

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