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Biodiesel firms announce union


Mulling how best to frame the news of an exciting acquisition in the biofuel area, Greenbang asked a friend what he knew of algae. “It’s frog food,” and “it’s more intelligent than Jamie Oliver,” were the best he could offer.

Moving swiftly along to the meat of acquisition news. Better Biodiesel is buying GeoAlgae Technologies, which makes feedstock for biodiesel. While there’s no figure on the deal, there’s this little snippet to be going on with:

GAT acquired its technology from leading universities in renewable bio-fuels research, and intends to make additional acquisitions to expand its intellectual property, as well as to enter into strategic partnerships with universities focused on research in bio-fuels. Additionally, GAT has identified acquisitions in the fuels production and oil distribution industry in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and California. Management expects that these opportunities will become the primary production and distribution channel for sale of both feedstock and blended bio-fuels.

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