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Big brother contestant plugs green fuel

tickle.jpgApparently the sciencey man who was years ago booted from Big Brother, Jon Tickle, has been on a roadshow with Scottish Power to promote green energy stuff, like, and things like, yer know?

The move comes as the company has just launched some new energy tariffs. But right now Greenbang doesn’t really give a monkey’s about that – he just wants to quote Mr Tickle… ūüôā

Mr Tickle said: “Taking a few simple steps to reduce energy consumption and wastage can make a big difference to the pocket and the environment.”

Nice one Mr Tickle – would you like to write for Greenbang?

Mr Tickle has done quite well for himself since Big Brother, landing a job with Sky and presenting Brainiac. He’s certainly one of the more intelligent people to have walked through the Big Brother doors.

Truth be told, Greenbang hates Big Brother and all the morons who queue up outside the house to watch it. But at least this guy is putting his fame to some use.

If you really want the whole story about industry regulator Ofgem scrapping the 28-day get-out clause for energy tariffs, read on and look here at the Scotsman’s story.

Greenbang doesn’t care tonight. It’s beer o’clock.

“ANYONE concerned they are not on the most competitive energy tariff should take their chance to shop around now, as the scrapping of the “28-day rule” by Ofgem – the industry’s regulator – could see people trapped for a year in expensive deals.

This week Ofgem announced a change to the rules that hitherto tied a customer to a supplier for just four weeks. Under the new system, consumers could be committed for 12 months or more”

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  • Susan
    Posted August 11, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    that’s hilarious!
    Walmart in Shanghai is promoting its green grocery bag made of cotton. i think this is a good move.

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