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Beijing Olympics to use hydrogen vehicles

Greenbang is starting to get very excited about the Olympics.  It’s now less than a month until the world’s athletes head to the Beijing smog.  She had been afraid that the pollution might have made the times too slow and that several more athletes would boycott the event for health reasons.

But Beijing has been cleaning up its act slightly, increasing public transport, taking half the government cars off the road and making its 3.3 million private car owners drive into the city only on alternate days.  The city will revert back to normal on the 20th September, making it seem like greenwash, but it’s a start.

In addition to these measures the has reported that 20 hydrogen fuel cell hybrid vehicles will go to Beijing for the Olympics service.

The 20 hydrogen cars are reportedly the first new energy vehicles permitted to go on the roads in China. All have covered the 300km safety test and have gone through other safety and endurance trials.

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