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Bangalore boasts eco-friendly holiday resort

23-solar-pannels.jpgSpeaking of eco-developments, Bangalore in India is showing us all how it should be done with a 24-room holiday resort which owner C.B Ramkumar describes as 100% eco-friendly. He’s nearly right.

Our Native Village‘ was built with bricks made of mud, generates 80% of it’s electricity from natural power sources and has a zero-waste policy.

The Star reports:

All food and animal wastes are converted into methane gas and electricity at the biogas plant. Slurry from the biogas plant is used as fertiliser for the resort’s organic farm. Reed waterbeds recycle grey water from sinks and showers for gardening. “Black” water from the toilets is fed into leach pits and later used as manure.

“All my water is used at least twice, if not three times,” says Ramkumar. “We use soap nut powder and ash for cleaning dishes and the water can be used for watering plants.”

Greenbang thinks he’s probably earned the right to be a little smug.

“Eco sells today,” grins Ramkumar. “I don’t use the word just because I use energy-saving bulbs and treat a little bit of water. From renewable energy to waste management, we’ve taken the full 10 steps to call ourselves ‘eco’.

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