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UN chief: ‘The children are our future’

The adage that ‘children are our future’ is a touch on the crass and cheesy side of prose. Yet when UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says it, you still sit up and pay attention. Yesterday, the South Korean leader of the world organisation emphasised the role of today’s youth in fighting climate change.

In a message for yesterday’s International Youth Day, Ban said:

“We will need the spirit of youth in abundance as the world seeks to embrace cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy, including renewable resources.

“With their propensity for spreading new habits and technologies and adaptability to make low-carbon lifestyles and career choices, young people are also well placed to contribute to the fight even now”

The secretary general also commented that the youth should be given the opportunity to take an active role in the decision-making at all levels. Hmmm, I doubt I’d trust my 10 year old nephew with this responsibility, but, you never know. He might do a bit better than Bush.