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Aussie solar-car race is off

20071017kirstysolarcar-custom.jpgOne topic you want to avoid with the Australians at the moment is their performance in the Rugby World Cup a couple of weeks ago.

Let’s face it, it’s nice to not have them gloating for a change, but choking a little on humble pie.

But over in Oz itself, there’s now a solar-powered car race on the go. Maybe they can win that.

The Panasonic World Solar Challenge runs from Darwin to Adelaide – more than 3000km of some of the most remote land on Earth:

The Panasonic World Solar Challenge is undoubtedly one of the greatest scientific adventures of our time. Since 1987, the purpose of this event has been to promote and celebrate educational and technical excellence, and draw attention to the imperatives of sustainable transport.

It’s an energy efficiency challenge, all about creating a balance between sustainable speed and endurance, energy management and strategic planning.

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