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As Copenhagen talks start, UK rolls out energy saving trials

uk-homesAs climate negotiators begin meeting in Copenhagen today, the UK will roll out a new “Pay As You Save” (PAYS) scheme to let homeowners test out new ways to pay for whole-house energy makeovers.

“The next two weeks in Copenhagen are crunch time for the planet,” said Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband. “The UK has taken a lead in putting solutions on the table throughout the process so far and I’ll not rest until we have the most ambitious, effective and fair deal possible.”

Under the new £4 million government scheme, homeowners in Birmingham, Sunderland, London Borough of Sutton and Stroud will get a chance to invest in energy efficiency and microgeneration technologies for their homes with no upfront cost. Instead, they will be able make repayments spread over a long enough period so that repayments are lower than their predicted energy bill savings, meaning financial and carbon savings are made from day one.

The trial locations — Birmingham City Council, Gentoo Sunderland, British Gas, B&Q UK and Stroud District Council — were chosen after an open competition. Some 500 homes will take part in the trials, which aim to provide evidence of how to foot the bill for the Great British Refurb, the Government’s plan to make the 22 million existing homes in the UK more energy efficient.

“Our credibility abroad is based on our ambition at home,” Miliband said. “We’re the first country to put carbon targets into law, and our target of an 80 per cent reduction by 2050 is one of the most ambitious.

“Many British householders want to reduce their emissions, but are put off by the upfront cost of installing insulation, solar panels or ground source heat pumps. ‘Pay As You Save’ will trial different ways of paying for this work so it’s affordable.”

Miliband continued, “One quarter of the UK’s total emissions come from homes, so householders have to be a part of the solution to climate change. Increasing the energy efficiency of homes not only helps reduce emissions, but will also help reduce fuel bills.”


  • Bewildered_response
    Posted December 7, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    Firsty……WOW Derek

    Try $4bn in the last 28 days with a further $5bn to follow. This is the US committment to fighting Climate Change and generating investment into Clean Jobs.
    If the US is not serious about sitting at the table with this investment, then what does it say for DECC & Gordon Browns committment?

    “We are leading the way” those words will haunt No10.

  • Derek Flint
    Posted December 7, 2009 at 5:23 am

    30000 scientists are taking Al Gore to court over anthropological global warming. Al has established environmental companies to receive government grants to the tune of half a billion dollars. Hollywood has asked for his Oscar back.

    Many scientists believe global warming is not occurring or has ceased, other scientists believe accuracy of IPCC climate projections is questionable, still others believe global warming is primarily caused by natural processes, more believe cause of global warming is unknown, some believe global warming will not be significantly negative and will even be beneficial.

    The AGW consensus scientists obviously have ulterior motives.
    This is a fraudulent affair that is as bad as weapons of mass destruction.

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