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Are you Greenbanging from San Francisco?

2114049781_2725c5d0f3.jpgWell not any more. But last week was amazing.

San Francisco is a wonderful city, but what Greenbang found even better was the amount of investment people are putting into green innovation.

Whereas over here in cold, dark UK land, businesses are very concerned about ‘doing their bit’ and meeting green compliance , there certainly isn’t the same level of investment in R&D and green technology there is around Silicon Valley.

What’s interesting though is that the green policies of those green companies are in many cases non-existent.

Tesla, the electric car company we went to visit, made really brought this home. There’s more coming up on that, but the guys there told us they don’t really have any green initiatives.

But you can almost forgive them for that because what they’re engineering is such a big leap forward in eco-friendly movement design.

Anyway – we’ve got interviews with Tesla, VantagePoint, BrightSource, HP and Cisco coming up. It’s been a mental few days, so sorry it’s a bit late.


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