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April 30 deadline for Greenbang’s first sustainability awards

Starting this July, Greenbang will be presenting quarterly awards to outstanding organisations that are leading the way in sustainability, corporate social responsibility and the transition to a low-carbon economy. Our first awards will focus on sustainability, and we’d like to hear from you if you think your company can make the cut.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • A description of your sustainability project or initiative
  • The project’s start date and scope (ie, is it in one department, company-wide or global?)
  • How the project was launched and how it’s managed (and by whom)
  • How the project is funded
  • Quantifiable results (ie, cost savings, carbon reduction levels, etc.)
  • Level of buy-in/participation from employees, customers and other stakeholders
  • Plans for expanding/building on the project’s success into the future

Email your entries to Do any outstanding candidates besides your own venture come to your mind? Let us know that, too, and we’ll keep you posted as we develop our shortlist.

The deadline for entries is April 30, so submit your entries now. We’ll keep you up to date with award developments and other news via this Greenbrief newsletter. Haven’t signed up for your subscription yet? Do it now — it’s quick and easy: just go here.