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Apple takes a slice out of iPod, mobile recycling cost

recycle.jpgHoorah. It looks like Apple and Nokia are not only scrapping it out for the title of ‘mobile phone daddy’, they’re also having the environmental equivalent of a thumb-war over recycling their end-of-life kit.

According to a veritable slew of reports, Apple has added iPod and mobile phone recycling to its range of recycling programs at no cost. No far, so blah right? Not so fast. Apparently, this is the first time Apple has agreed to recycle for gratis without consumers signing up to buy a replacement device. Nice one Apple.

Alas, if you’re trying to recycle your Mac, no freebies for you unless you pay or get yourself a new bit of hardware.

Meanwhile, Nokia is kicking off its first recycling initiative in Kenya, for good measure. Presumably while flashing the Remade and the Evolve while it’s about it.

Apple takes a slice out of iPod, mobile recycling cost – The Global View

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