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And the world’s largest fuel cell installation is…

america2.jpgToday’s guessing game of the day: where’s the largest fuel cell instillation in the world? With Nasa? Underwater? In Kuala Lumpur? The National Grid? Keeping Jeremy Clarkson’s ego powered up to brain imploding levels? Recycling the ‘Ken Livingstone for Mayor’ campaign badges? All good, but as Catchphrase’s Roy Walker might say, not right: according to New York Power Authority, the largest installation will be in the rebuilt World Trade Center.

The installation will come via UTC Power, who won the $10.6 million contract to “provide heat and power for the new towers”.

The towers will get 4.8 MW of on-site capacity, with the first delivery scheduled for the Freedom Tower in January 2009. The New York Port Authority, the owner of the tower, will operate the 1.2 MW fuel cell, with the three subsequent cells, destined for 150, 175 and 200 Greenwich Street, operated by World Trade Center Properties.

The fuel cells, says the Port Authority, will also complement “renewable power and other clean energy” due to be used by the tower. One source is likely to be wind, after the Authority signed two wind power purchase agreements in late 2006.

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