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Amplio Partners readies new €50m fund

money3.jpgGreenbang has heard bakers saying their years of pastry slinging puts them off actually eating the sweet treats and burger bar workers equally saying their time spent up to their elbows in grease has convinced them that they’d rather chew on their own elbow than knock back a cheeseburger.

Greenbang wonders if fund managers ever get bored of money? Feel a little queasy whenever they see coins in a busker’s hat? Prefer to use a primitive barter system when they pick up their Sunday papers?

If they do, then Amplio Partners could soon become jaded with the moolah. According to Citywire, Amplio Partners is looking for €50 million in the next few weeks to buy starts ups in “renewable energy, alternative fuels and recycling”.

Citywire quotes Amplio boss Riccardo Segat as saying Amplio Partners is on the hunt for companies that already have “an initial platform but needed additional technical and management expertise to achieve scale”.

Segat is also planning to plough his own cash into the green venture, as are the company’s partners – expected to invest €10 million between them.

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