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Alaskan village sues power companies for global warming

gavel.jpgHere’s a story that’s actually rather sad: a village in Alaska, which is being forced to move due to flooding, has brought a lawsuit against a number of oil companies, 14 power companies and a coal company, blaming them for the global warming that has caused the encroaching waters, once blocked by now-melted ice.

The town, called Kivalina, also accuses the companies of conspiracy, according to the New York Times:

“There has been a long campaign by power, coal and oil companies to mislead the public about the science of global warming,” the suit says. The campaign, it says, contributed “to the public nuisance of global warming by convincing the public at large and the victims of global warming that the process is not man-made when in fact it is.”

The village is seeking damages.

Alaskan village sues power companies for global warming – The Global View

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