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Africa: the world’s sustainable technology leader?

williamTreeHugger has a brief, but interesting post on how Africa might just be the source of much sustainable technology-related ingenuity.

In part, this is due to its need to innovate past the host of challenges that it faces, such as a general shortage of electricity in many places.

And there’s certainly no shortage of innovation there. Anyone doubting it just has to take a look at William Kamkamba’s hand-made windmill in Malawi.

“From the eco-tech perspective, the most interesting continent is Africa. Ill-equipped for the profligate consumption of nearly every resource, Africa is a study in efficiency, where leadership and ingenuity seem to naturally spring forth; witness, et. al., the solar and pedal-powered phones for Uganda, the South African phase out of incandescent bulbs started over a year ago, the Design for Africa movement.”

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