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Accenture: “Emerging markets lagging on green”

256982_ostrich_head_detail.jpgQuite frankly, Greenbang isn’t convinced with this finding from Accenture.

It doesn’t add up – China is heavily investing in clean tech. India is too.

Then again, they aren’t the only countries that are emerging markets…

But the big bird of consultancy says:

“- Climate change is the eighth most important strategic issue for the world’s business community, the most important being sales growth (47%) and cost reduction (46%)

– Nearly 70% of Chinese businesses have no climate change initiatives in place

– One in five (20%) of Chinese businesses agree that climate change is over hyped

– Over one in three (35%) of US companies say climate change is overhyped

– Two thirds (67%) of global businesses think that climate change will increase the cost of doing business

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