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A tablet to make urinals turn green with envii

envii-cube-toilet-cropBacteria promise a new way to turn urinals green … but not in the way you might think.

That’s because we’re not talking dirty, slimy green, but eco-efficient, water-conserving green, thanks to envii bacterial urinal tablets.

While urinals offer men around the world no-flush convenience, the fixtures still automatically flush every 10 minutes on average to prevent blockages. For a standard 4.5-litre cistern, this equates to total fresh water use of over 235,000 litres — or £500 going down the drain — every year.

BioNovum’s solution? Envii: urinal cubes made out of natural bacteria which feed off urine. The specially selected bacterium means no water at all has to be used in urinals, saving both water and money.

Each tablet lasts up to four weeks, with a pack of 12 selling for £36.

While BioNovum has only started operations this quarter, envii has already generated a lot of interest; in fact, the new bacteria tablets are now being used throughout Germany and in some airports.

What’s next for envii? Replacing the ever-present yellow urinal tablets so familiar to drunken clubbers? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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