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A new hope for solar: Dye-sensitised thin-film

filmy.jpgDye-sensitised thin-film could make solar energy a viable renewable energy option, the manufacturer, G24i, argues.

It combines material science and nanotechnology to generate renewable power in a process much like nature’s photosynthesis.

The company says:

The solar cells and products are extremely lightweight, durable and are unique in that the thin-film produces electricity in both low light and indoor conditions.

Because G24i’s advanced solar cells work under all real-world conditions – sunrise, sunset, rainy and cloudy days – the cells provide more electricity to the user than most of the highly efficient traditional solar cells, which produce at their high efficiency levels for only a few hours on a sunny day.

G24i has completed development of its 23 acre 187,000 sq ft fabrication plant and has designed, engineered and installed two production lines with a minimum capacity equal to 30 Megawatts (MW) of traditional solar cells.

The company’s proprietary “roll-to-roll” manufacturing process completes all manufacturing steps in an automated, continuous process and can transform a lightweight roll of metal foil into a half-mile one hundred pound roll of G24i’s Dye Sensitised Thin Film in less than three hours.  G24i’s Dye Sensitised Thin Film is ideal for integration or embedding into a wide array of products such as mobile electronic devices, tenting systems, and indoor and outdoor building materials.

The dye sensitised solar cell, known as the “Graetzel Cell” was originally developed by Dr. Michael Graetzel, a member of the G24i Advisory Board, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).   G24i holds a worldwide license to manufacture Dye Sensitized Thin Film.

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