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splash and dash
The EU is facing pressure to close a loop in trading laws that allows nugget-heads to undermine the European biofuel industry. Some imported US biofuel, known as B99 – a diesel blend that contains 99 per cent biodiesel and one per cent petroleum diesel – is exploiting the US B99... Read more
Biofuels have a bad name, but we’ve been following D1 Oils for a while through the splash-and-dash fuel stories. The company, a UK producer of biofuels, is trialling the potential of  Jatropha curcas, its main biodiesel crop, in poor soil conditions on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Jatropha is... Read more
D1 Oils, a UK producer of biofuels, is set make a round of redundancies. Roughly 30 job cuts hit the firm as a reaction to cheap the US-export of biofuel, which is making it difficult for European companies to get a foothold in the industry, the company says. “We are... Read more