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$90 million for Canada climate change institute

canada.jpgIn Canada’s electioneering, there’s a bit of ‘anything you can do, I can do better’, especially when it comes to flashing the cash for green grants.A matter of mere days ago, Greenbang told you all about a plan by Liberal leader had pledged $1 billion for green tech.Now the premier of British Columbia has had exactly the same idea, albeit on a micro scale: a $90 million institute for green tech, says The Province.

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, which will be funded by a provincial endowment, will bring together top scientists and researchers to develop innovative climate change adaptation and mitigation solutions, advise government and educate the public.”British Columbia universities have some of the top climate scientists and researchers in the world,”Campbell said. “This institute will bring together those academics, along with others from around the world, with business and the private sector to develop new policy alternatives, to find ways to educate and encourage greener lifestyles, and to develop new, green technologies into products that can be used by consumers around the globe.”   

All very laudable, but is there any need for the word Solutions in there?

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