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£7.50 for a pile of poo (made into paper)

elephant-poo-gift-wrap-set-nhm-custom.jpgGreenbang is laughing his head off at this one.

Yeah, this’ll help save the world – – – selling imported Christmas paper made from Thai elephant dung to punters for £7.50. How do they come up with ideas like this?

You’d have thought an organisation like the Natural History Museum would know better than to sell crap to people…but this is what they said to us:

“The Natural History Museum has got a green and eco-friendly Christmas down to a fine art with their new Elephant Poopoo gift Wrap set.

This set includes threes sheets of paper, three bows and three gift tags.

How is it made? The Dung from Asian elephants is rinsed, mixed with plant fibre, then rolled out and dried to make a rough-textured paper.

Everything from design to final packaging is done locally in Thailand and a percentage of the profits go towards elephant conservation. And before you ask, don’t worry it doesn’t smell.”

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