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$40m for absolutely Trilliant smart grids

Put on your party hats and spike the punch: it’s party time at Trilliant’s. The smart grid outfit has landed itself a nice tasty $40m in financing from an affiliate of MissionPoint Capital Partners and zouk ventures, both of whom are rather keen on putting their money into clean tech ventures.

What will the company do with the cash? The oh-so-familiar doing something without doing something line:

The proceeds from the financing, which was led by MissionPoint, will be used to accelerate Trilliant’s continued growth and market expansion globally. This investment represents one of the largest investments to date in an independent smart grid technology provider.

Greenbang had a quick check through the archives and the biggest investment she can find is this one – $20m of lovely VC lucre for SmartSync.

Trilliant has the usual mix of software, hardware and services for utilities and also has cracked a rather nice milestone of selling 750,00 of the devices that can support all the interesting stuff you’d want a smart grid to do, like advanced metering.

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