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£300m lopped off green budget


With Christmas fast approaching, Greenbang is reminded today of how it felt to be expecting a bike from Santa and finding a book on rockpooling in the Christmas stocking instead. Granted a very useful present, but not for pulling impressive wheelies.

The inspiration for this trip down a festive memory lane is the news of £300m of government cuts to environmental services hot on the heels of the Climate Change Bill.

Courtesy of The Grauniad:

“Frontline agencies tackling recycling, nature protection, energy saving, carbon emissions and safeguarding the environment are all being targeted in the package which is being drawn up by Helen Ghosh, the top civil servant at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.”

Greenbang is wondering if Defra has considered saving costs by using energy saving bulbs and turning off its computers at night?

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