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$2.5 funding boost for waste-to-energy

toilet2.jpgMore funding news from the world of renewable waste-to-energy – or poo-burning, if you fancy putting it crudely – with waste-to-energy company Ze-Gen getting a nice fat cash injection from those VC types. Ze-Gen, obviously doesn’t describe itself as a poo-burner, rather

a clean energy company providing advanced gasification technology to convert municipal waste streams into synthesis gas and generate low emissions electricity and renewable energy credits.

Either way, it’s found itself on the business end of $2.5 million venture term debt facility with Pinnacle Ventures, to add to the $8 million it’s already raised in funding.

“We’re confident in the design and technology that we’ve witnessed at the Ze-gen test facility in New Bedford, MA and we believe that our decision to help fund the preliminary permitting and development for their next facility will prove to be a sound investment,” said Patrick C. Lee, a Partner at Pinnacle Ventures. “As a company, Ze-gen embodies the ideals we seek for our investments, an innovative technology combined with a compelling business model with excellent growth potential. High energy costs, the need for more clean and renewable energy generation and a growing waste disposal problem have created the ideal environment for the Ze-gen solution.

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