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21st Century version of “How’s my driving?” sticker

lysandaA new British gizmo aims to give fleet managers a far more detailed view of how well their truck drivers are, well, driving.

Essex-based Lysanda has launched Eco-Log, which it reckons can calculate the true emissions from a vehicle by tapping into its on-board diagnostics system. This is then transmitted back to the anoraks at head office (along with other useful info), who can presumably ring drivers up and tell them to stop driving like Lewis Hamilton.

The makers reckon the device (pictured here in a Ford Focus, which we presume handles like a very, very small truck), will help fleet managers save money.

This from CEO Alexander Willard: “The Eco-Log is aimed initially at Fleet Managers, to enable them to monitor how their vehicles are being driven and the exact fuel economy each one achieves in its daily operations, mile by mile, minute by minute.  It could help them improve emissions efficiency by identifying particularly heavy footed drivers and particularly inefficient vehicles. We have estimated that this could generate savings of at least 5% per year.”

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