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215MW wind trio gets the go ahead

turbineGood things, as we all know, come in threes. Earth, Wind and Fire, for example, or bacon, lettuce and tomato. The evidence is indisputable, and it’s something that’s clearly ringing a bell with the government, which has given its thumbs up to three new wind farms.

And, drum roll please, the windy trio is as follows:

* 85 Megawatt onshore wind farm planned at Keadby, North Lincolnshire. The development by Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (RES) will have 34 turbines, producing enough clean electricity to power up to 38,000 homes.

* 66 Megawatt onshore wind farm planned at Thorne, South Yorkshire. The development by E.ON UK Renewables Limited (E.ON) will have 22 turbines, enough to power up to 26,500 homes.

* 64 Megawatt offshore wind farm (Gunfleet Sands II) planned for the Thames Estuary. The development by DONG Energy Limited will lay a minimum of 5 miles from the Essex coast at Frinton-on-Sea on the seaward side of the already consented, but not yet built, 108 Megawatt Gunfleet Sands wind farm. Gunfleet Sands II will comprise a maximum of 22 turbines, enough to power up to 45,000 homes.

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