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$20 million investment for tyre recycling firm

In Greenbang’s mind, recycling tyres means tying a bit of rope to one and making a swing or using a bit of voodoo and creating a humanoid made entirely of cast off tyres, à la Michelin Man. Luckily, others have got better ideas – like CBp Carbon Industries, which has just announced its snapped up worldwide ownership of Carbon Green Technology.

The company’s Vice-President of Technology, Mr. Fader, has filed a series of eight new patents in respect to the Company’s technology covering ancillary applications, such as use of CBp Green Carbon in road surfacing and roofing, in addition to its traditional application of tire and rubber manufacturing. Upon acceptance for registration these patents will provide the Company with 17 to 20 years of patent protection.

CBp Green Carbon is a commodity that increases in value with rising oil prices and the growing shortage of virgin carbon black. The CBp Green Carbon technology recycles 100% of used tires and scrap rubber. Approximately one-third of resource recovery includes high value oil, which can be employed as qualifying green energy, with the remainder being recycling of steel and production of CBp Green Carbon for use in tire and high quality rubber products manufacturing such as auto parts. Moreover, the recycling of the CBp Green Carbon prevents approximately one tonne of greenhouse gases (C02) from being generated for each tonne of CBp Green Carbon substituting for the normal industry process.

Meanwhil CBp has also got itself an extra $20 million in investment and will kick off by ramping up production in Europe and take the first steps to starting operations in North America and Asia-Pacific.

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