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Spain pledges to put one million EVs on the road

electric carI love Spain’s cities, Barcelona in particular, but I still cannot get the images from when I was 10 years old on the Costa del Sol out of my head – drunk Englishmen charging down the streets in packs of 10. Hey viva Espana etc. Lovely.

But Spain has changed greatly since my youth and the country has has just announced plans to put one million electric cars on the roads by 2014 – not bad really. According to EcoGeek, “the plan is expected to gain approval today from the Council of Ministers, and be carried out this year.”

The case for electric cars gets stronger with every announcement like this, although Greenbang still thinks there’s much greenwash associated with them and it’s worth pointing out again that they are not totally zero emission vehicles.

Spain pledges to put one million EVs on the road – The Global View

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