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15 UK eco-towns nominated

All day long I’ve been getting phone calls about this eco-towns thing – mainly from PRs who want to get their clients coverage.

So it’s not really irrate people protesting about this, rather people who want coverage in the blogosphere.

It’s funny, but the more we crack on with the blog, the more it seems apparent that the PR companies aren’t too comfortable with the whole idea of blogs.

Anyway – I digress. The government’s press release said:

“The country’s first eco-towns took a step closer to becoming reality today as Housing Minister Caroline Flint today announced 15 potential locations will go forward to the next stage, providing the opportunity for a major boost in affordable housing across the country whilst tackling climate change.”

Sorry – did you say affordable?

Housing Minister Caroline Flint said:

“We have a major shortfall of housing and with so many buyers struggling to find suitable homes, more affordable housing is a huge priority. To face up to the threat of climate change, we must also cut the carbon emissions from our housing. Eco-towns will help solve both of these challenges.

“Building in existing towns and cities alone simply cannot provide enough new homes. I understand this is an issue that can raise strong opinions, but everyone now has the opportunity to express their views before any decisions are made – because this is an issue that affects us all.”

In the next few blogs – we’ll see some comments from the folk who want to talk about this.

But the eco towns are:

– Pennbury, Leicestershire:

– Manby and Strubby, Lincolnshire:

– Curborough, Staffordshire:

– Middle Quinton, Warwickshire:

– Bordon-Whitehill, Hampshire:

– Weston Otmoor, Oxfordshire:

– Ford, West Sussex:

– Imerys China Clay Community, Cornwall:

– Rossington, South Yorkshire:

– Coltishall, Norfolk:

– Hanley Grange, Cambridgeshire:
– Marston Vale and New Marston, Bedfordshire:
– Elsenham, Essex:

– Rushcliffe, Nottinghamshire:

– Leeds City Region, Yorkshire:

15 UK eco-towns nominated – The Global View

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