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Carbon trading a poor idea, say directors

Almost half (47%) of the UK’s large organisations see carbon trading as a confusing initiative that lacks any real value in pursuing carbon emission reductions.

A further 24% of respondents thought that “carbon bargaining” was a poorly conceived idea that diverts attention from the root causes of climate change.

The survey was carried out on 340 directors, buyers and employees at UK organisations with more that 1000 employees.

Only 14% of respondents claimed to have a clear understanding of carbon trading, and 27% had no understanding of it at all.

The research also showed that company directors are more likely to be sceptical of carbon trading than their junior counterparts, with 33% dismissing it as a “poorly conceived idea” compared with 20% of buyers and 19% of office workers.

The survey was carried out by Loudhouse Research Consultancy on behalf of Kyocera and paper manufacturers M-Real.

The companies failed to suggest alternative models.

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