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10 reasons to watch Vattenfall as a company

Vattenfall is a Swedish power company that has just agreed to buy one of the biggest planned wind farms in the UK.

The Thanet wind farm is set to deliver 300 MW, which is quite a hefty chunk of electricity. The largest coal power electricity station generates about 4000 MW.

Reports today says that deal could be worth £50m, but would take £800m investment.

Yet with the fast-fluctuating price of steel, wind farm makers are a little uncertain about the future. On top of that. those left with the farm after it has been built will largely be relying on generous government subsidies for wind-power generation.

Anyway – 10 reasons to watch Vattenfall – here you go:

1 – Vattenfall is buying 18.7% of the Polish energy company, ENEA S.A., for 4.5 billion SEK (Swedish cash). At present, Vattenfall is the largest foreign energy company in Poland. ENEA S.A. has a distribution network that supplies electricity across 20% of Poland. In 2007, Enea supplied 13 TWh of electricity to 2.3 million customers.

2 – In September of this year, Vattenfall opened a production facility with CCS technology (capture and storage of carbon dioxide).

3 – The company is to buy Amec Wind Energy (600MW wind farm)

4 – It’s dealing with Climate Change Capital – a very tidy investment fund

5 – It’s buying Eclipse Energy UK (wind farms of 200 MW)

6 – Vattenfall has lots of fingers in pies, particularly Kent. Perhaps it’s because the apples are so good.

7 – In 2007, Vattenfall invested SEK 1.2 billion in renewable energy

8 – The comapny works in wind, biofuel, carbon capture and energy efficiency

9 – As part of its business process, the company looks at:

  • Climate change (Greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Air quality
  • Soil protection
  • Land use
  • Water protection
  • Waste management
  • Hydro dam safety and nuclear safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Electric and magnetic fields

10 – It operates in the UK, northern Europe, (Germany, Scandanavia and Poland).

Greenbang gives thumbs up.

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  • Matt B (Thanet Star)
    Posted November 7, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    I was not aware of these wider business dealings in my area but I am now. Cheers.

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