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10 new jobs emerging from the clean tech biz

bizDuring the 90s, as the tech industry exploded in size, a wide array of new job opportunities emerged that had never been seen before: Java programmers, game testers, platform developers, networking and so on.

Now, as the green industry surges in importance, a bunch of hitherto unknown jobs are also emerging on the scene, from new forms of old jobs (eg, green brand managers) to altogether new ones (eg, solar panel installers).

This post has a shortlist of what it reckons are the top 10 clean tech jobs–although we don’t reckon composting toilet installer would make our top list…

4. Composting toilet installer: You might laugh, but toilets that turn your waste into “humanure” are actually getting some customers, thanks to their cradle-to-cradle efficiency. New models like Sancor’s Envirolet provide most of the amenities of your passé flush toilet.

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