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Checkoutless supermarkets pave the way for no-touchpoint payments, sparking an experience war for convenience 

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MIT course looks 'Beyond Smart Cities'
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) plans to offer a short continuing education course titled...
Smart design gains momentum in Middle East
The quest for smart urban design is rapidly gaining momentum in the Middle East, according to one designer...

Sustainable and Inclusive

'Digital inclusion' starts with user needs
An information-based society can’t be inclusive or democratic if a large portion of the population...
Do EU sustainable city policies work?
It makes sense that Europe would try to take a lead in developing smarter, more sustainable cities for...

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This Semester

IEEE 'brain trust' to help cities smarten up
The IEEE professional organization aims to make its “brain trust” of technology experts available...
Young UK entrepreneurs get global perspective
Promising new British entrepreneurs will have a chance to hone their business skills through a new volunteer...
IT giants target barriers to internet of things
Some of the world’s biggest technology companies have come together to “break down the barriers”...



Titan ushers in new era of computing for energy, climate research
A technology first created for computer gaming is helping to launch a “new era of scientific supercomputing.”...

policy news

London Assembly urges renewed energy goals
London officials are urging the mayor to lobby the UK government for a renewed commitment to energy efficiency....
People prefer 'smart grids' with local energy
There are lots of different ways to define the “smart grid,” but a new study shows people...
Automation program aims to stabilize UK grid
A new smart-grid program being launched in the UK aims to help stabilize the power grid as more renewable...

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